Breastfeeding Advantages

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breastfeeding advantages are a lot

There are some advantages of breastfeeding for baby (benefits of breastfeeding for baby) and for sure there are some advantages of breastfeeding for mother (benefits of breast-feeding for mother).

Breastfeeding is good and very healthy for your baby and good and very healthy for you too, for your baby it gives him/her optimal nutrition and antibodies; this may also helps your baby to lower the risk of type 2 diabetes, sudden infant death syndrome, diarrhea and vomiting, eczema, childhood obesity, ear infections, childhood leukemia, asthma, respiratory infections(breast-feeding advantages for baby).

And for you it may help you to lose weight and this is a good healthy thing for you and in the long term, it may also help you to lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes, ovarian cancer and breast cancer, osteoporosis (weak bones) ,cardiovascular disease and obesity (breastfeeding advantages for mother). Breastfeeding lowers your baby’s risk of SIDS which stands for (sudden infant death syndrome) by about half.

Breastfeeding can satisfy most babies’ emotional needs; this is why all babies must be held close and warmly. There are a lot of studies have shown that the premature babies can die fast if they are not held or stroked. You have to know that there is nothing more comforting feeling in the whole world; for any baby of any age will be than more comparable of being held close; and cuddled well while breast-feeding.

Most of parents should be aware of: the importance of cradling their babies while they are offering the bottle feeding for their babies. Breast milk is always ready at any time anywhere and comes in perfect package than any formula does.

One of breastfeeding advantages is also gives you a great chance to hold your newborn close, make eye contact with him/her and cuddle him/her. These are relaxing and enjoyable moments for both of you, and they bring you closer together emotionally.

Breastfeeding Advantages, Breastfeeding;

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Breastfeeding Advantages

There are some tips (benefits for nursing) for you to follow to get your milk to start flowing:

First of all; providing the breast milk for a premature or newborn infant may be a big challenge for all women all over the world. But it is usually possible for you to do it and all women can do it too. Yes for sure it’s effective good way to enhance your baby’s immunity, health, growth, and development.

Even if your baby is unable to breastfeed at first as most of others baby everywhere; you can begin expressing your milk immediately after giving birth. No matter how your breast milk is delivered and produced to your baby. It provides the best nourishment possible at it’s time when such an advantage makes a big difference.

  1. Sit down in comfortable place where can relax.
  2. You can listen to soft music or your favorite songs.
  3. Sit quietly and think in relaxing way.
  4. Grab a warm and moist compress to your breasts.
  5. also You can gently start massaging your breasts.
  6. then You can gently start gently rubbing your nipples.
  7. The milk will flow down a bit.
  8. Here you go, try to feed your kid from both sides of your breast not only one.
  9. There are some tips for you to know if you breastfeeding your baby correctly or not:
  10. Breast feeding positions is up to you, to make yourself and your baby comfortable.
  11. You must open your baby’s mouth wide with your baby’s lips turned out clearly.
  12. and your baby’s chin and nose must be resting against your breast.
  13. Your baby has taken as much of your areola as possible into your baby’s mouth.
  14. Your baby is suckling deeply.
  15. You may hear your baby swallowing milk regularly.

Finally ,Your nipple is comfortable and not hurts after the first few suckle.

Breastfeeding Advantages, Breastfeeding;

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