Ramadan Sunnah Foods

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Best Ramadan Sunnah Foods “The Messenger of Allah Mohamed used to break his fast before praying with some fresh dates; but if there were no fresh dates, he had a few dry dates, and if there were no dry dates, he took some mouthfuls of water.” [Sunan Abi Dawud] There is various delicious foods all … Read more

Common Mistakes In Ramadan

Common Mistakes In Ramadan , Mistakes In Ramadan , Ramadan

Most Common Mistakes In Ramadan are some regular daily duties or habits that we are make it on a daily basis before Ramadan days that we are not allow to make it in Ramadan time (especially in Ramadan day time). The first Common Mistakes In Ramadan and very vital mistake is taking Ramadan as a … Read more

Ramadan The Holy Month

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What is Ramadan The Holy Month? Ramadan is the month which was revealed in it the Holly Quran. This is why most of people called it the holly month, the mercy and forgiveness month, goodness month, sadaqah month ,baraka month, blessed month and ransoming from fire month. Ramadan is one of the famous months of … Read more