Credit Card History And Origin

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Credit Card History And Origin it started in every where inside the whole world long time ago in different ways when some rich people lend who ever need some money with some interest in return. Buy Now, Pay Later is the main concept of any Credit card. In the 1800s some rich people came on … Read more

Gold In Food And Drink

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Gold In Food And Drink is authorized by the European union and the united states of America. Using gold in food and drink is actually not a very recent idea; they used it several times before. Gold is widely famous by its dense, softness, shininess plus it’s one of most malleable and ductile pure metal … Read more

Revolution Of The New Artificial Blood

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Revolution Of The New Artificial Blood is the latest new technology for the medics and for emergency medicine crew. The daily mail announced lately that: Researchers and Scientists are developing new technology “artificial blood”; the first artificial red blood cells in the world designed to emulate the vital functions of natural red blood cells; which … Read more

Burkini Swimwear Created For Women

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Burkini Swimwear Created For Women Burkini swimwear is a type of swimsuit designed, founded and named like that in Australia. Burqini, burkini , or burqa design is for both Christian and Islamic traditions of modest dress. This swimsuit covers the whole body except the face; hands and the feet, whilst this swimsuit being lights enough … Read more

Pokemon Go Game App

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Pokemon Go Game App is a free game to play based on amalgamation the virtual world and reality in one mobile app game; developed by an American software development company called Niantic for Pokemon Company. Which gave a great added value to the stock value of Nintendo the world’s largest video game company. Pokemon Go … Read more

Time Banking Definition

Time Banking Definition, Time Banking

Time Banking Definition is a new form of banks without any money in it, there are no credit cards or visas to collect any money. and also there are no loans inside it except time and time only (timetrade). The only things you can collect or got from this bank are time; and new good … Read more

Jugnu The New Li – Fi Technology

Jugnu The New Li - Fi Technology, Jugnu, The New Li - Fi Technology, Li - Fi Technology

Jugnu The New Li – Fi Technology Jugnu is an Indian word, it means in English a Firefly. If you didn’t see the fireflies in real life you will think it’s not real and it’s a dream. But they are real for sure and they make a great bug’s show at night. Firefly isn’t not … Read more

New Vehicle Trackers

New Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Vehicle

New Vehicle Trackers Do you think you can track your vehicle anywhere or everywhere in the world? Some people think that is hard to do that. The answer is yes; you can track your vehicle anywhere by this vehicle trackers. In the past you can’t do that easily and if you will do it; it … Read more